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Information for LOCAL TRADERS

Transit and multimodal transport

We combine Sea-Land or Air-Land transport to provide a faster and more efficient option to the region, within the Regulatory Framework of Free Port and Airport.

Door-to-door service or carrying the load from the port or airport of Montevideo.


Temporary admission

It is a regime that allows tax-free entry of goods into Uruguayan territory. After an industrial transformation, these goods can be exported to the region with a certificate of origin from Mercosur, having tax benefits for the importers of the region.


Customs Management

Transit clearance service from and to port, airport and free trade

Un trabajador portuario

International freights

Sea, air and land transport service for general cargo, consolidated,
oversized, dangerous, perishable and refrigerated goods.

Azul Naranja Foto Edificio General Linke

Containers and loose cargo storage warehouse

Containers and loose cargo storage warehouse at free port and free trade zones.

There is no deadline for goods withdrawal at the Port of Montevideo. Goods may be stored for as long as necessary.

Entrega con certificado de origen mercos

Logistics advisory at free trade zones

Any type of activity, commercial, industrial or service, can be developed in free trade zones, without any limitation and with total exemption from any national tax, created or to be created. Likewise, the introduction of goods to such premises is exempt from all taxes.


We are specialized in land, sea, air and multimodal transport. We operate from our own offices in Argentina and Uruguay, and we are members of Freight Midpoint; a wide network of agents that operates in the world’s main cities and ports.

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