Information for EXPORTERS

Customs Management

Export clearance service for any type of goods and proceedings before ministries and entities.

International freights

Sea, air and land transport service for general cargo, consolidated,
oversized, dangerous, perishable and refrigerated goods.

National transport, warehouses and

Transport to ports and airports from anywhere in the country with
land/beach to store containers or loose cargo. Freight consolidation service in warehouses inside and outside the port. Procedures at Port terminals and empty container depots.



A useful and practical tool of the basic aspects to be taken into account in the export process.

Perfil país

Fact sheets with economic indicators and trade information regarding the country of choice. It includes opportunities for Uruguayan products.


A permanently updated tool with information on amounts, products, destinations and exporting companies.


A platform that allows you to obtain data on intra- and extra-zone tariffs and tax returns broken down by NCM (Mercosur Common Nomenclature).

Trading opportunities Uruguay XXI

A platform developed to detect commercial opportunities for Uruguayan products abroad.

Uruguay international agreements

A tool that allows to visualize the different types of international agreements in force
between Uruguay and the world.

Type of containers

Available containers for each type of goods.


Incoterms are three-letter trade terms that communicate voluntary agreement rules by the parties in an international sale of goods
agreement concerning the delivery terms of such goods.


We are specialized in land, sea, air and multimodal transport. We operate from our own offices in Argentina and Uruguay, and we are members of Freight Midpoint; a wide network of agents that operates in the world’s main cities and ports.

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