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Transit and multimodal transport
  • We combine Sea-Land or Air-Land transport to provide a faster and more efficient option to the region, within the Regulatory Framework of Free Port and Airport.

  • Door-to-door service or carrying the load from the port or airport of Montevideo.

Warehouse, containers and loose cargo storage warehouse.
  • Containers and loose cargo storage warehouse at free port and free trade zones.

  • There is no deadline for goods withdrawal at the Port of Montevideo. Goods may be stored for as long as necessary.

  • Warehouse storage within the port for clients that need time to nationalize goods.

  • Warehouse storage outside the port for clients that do not have a place to store their goods.

Consolidated Freight
  • Freight transport that does not require a full container, to and from anywhere in the world, at an affordable price

Customs Management
  • Final/suspensive importation

  • Final/temporary exportation

  • Non-automatic authorizations - Special procedures

  • Temporary importations

  • Temporary exportations

  • Transits

  • Temporary importations to bonded warehouse


  • Guarantees: tracking and release

  • Reimbursement tracking

Temporary admission
  • It is a regime that allows tax-free entry of goods into Uruguayan territory. After an industrial transformation, these goods can be exported to the region with a certificate of origin from Mercosur, having tax benefits for the importers of the region

Logistics advisory at free trade zones
  • Any type of activity, commercial, industrial or service, can be developed in free trade zones, without any limitation and with total exemption from any national tax, created or to be created. Likewise, the introduction of goods to such premises is exempt from all taxes.

Buque de carga en el puerto
  • General cargo, oversized load, dangerous and refrigerated goods.

  • Contract with the main Shipping Companies

  • Door-to-door service

  • Rates tailored to your needs

  • Shipment tracking

  • Consolidation/ desconsolidation and warehouse storages that are suitable for different cargo handling.

  • General cargo, oversized loads, dangerous, perishable and refrigerated goods.

  • Contracts with the main airlines

  • “Door-to-door” service

  • Rates tailored to your needs.

  • Shipment tracking

  • Tracking information to the client

  • Courier service

  • Packing, reconditioning and labeling cargo

  • General cargo, oversized loads, dangerous, and refrigerated goods.

  • National and international transits

  • Rates tailored to your needs

  • Satellite truck tracking

  • Loose cargo and exclusive trucks

  • Loaded truck storage in monitored warehouses

Inland truck
  • Transport from ports and airports to any place in the country in a container or as loose cargo

  • Door-to-door service insurance

  • All-risk insurance

  • Policies in the day

  • Very affordable prices

International Movings and Return Operations
  • Door-to-door transport of your belongings to and from Uruguay.

  • Return operations




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The people behind Brokers y Trading 

Matías Soto

Javier Muñoz

Partner & Co-Director at Brokers & Trading Argentina

Alejandro Ruiz
Partner & Sales Manager

Antonio Iurino
Partner &
 Co-Director at Brokers & Trading Argentina

Martín Vomero

Abby Bogdan

Marketing y Sales

Karina Muñoz

Head of administration

Alejandro Salortt 
Customs Broker at Brokers & Trading Argentina

Eliana Gangitano

Maritime imports

Mariano MuñozAir Imports and Exports

Lucas Domenichetti

Maritime Exports

Christian Figueroa

Commercial and Digital Marketing

Brokers & Trading is a company with over ten years of experience in Foreign Trade.
Our experience allows us to guarantee suitability in every aspect of the offered services. It also allows us to provide a solid foundation on which to innovate within the framework of an ever-changing market..

We view our relationship with our clients as a strategic association which, based on mutual trust, enables mutual growth. The cost-benefit ratio, monitoring, constant information, and the speed of the service are the secret of successful operations. A success our clients achieve working with us.

Our goal is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients, as well as having a daily commitment to satisfy their needs in the best possible way and with the greatest professionalism.