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Information for IMPORTERS


Customs Management

Import clearance service for any type of goods and proceedings before ministries and entities.

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International freights

Sea, air and land transport service for general cargo, consolidated,
oversized, dangerous, perishable and refrigerated goods.

Entrega con certificado de origen mercos

Warehouse, containers and loose cargo storage warehouse.

Warehouse storage within the port for clients that need time to nationalize goods.

Warehouse storage outside the port for clients that do not have a place to store their goods.




Transport from ports and airports to any place in the country in a container or as loose cargo.



It is a Chinese leading private wholesale consortium (B2B). It also offers retail and consumer-to-consumer
sales; online payment services, a price comparison search engine and cloud data storage services.


It is an online store founded in 2010 by small businesses in China and elsewhere that offers products for
international buyers.


It´s an American e-commerce company.
Currently, it is totally diversified and classified in different product lines, software, video games,
electronics, clothing, furniture, food, books, etc. It is the most valuable retail brand in the world
according to BrandZ index.


Type of containers

Available containers for each type of goods.

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Incoterms are three-letter trade terms that communicate voluntary agreement rules by the parties in an international sale of goods agreement concerning the delivery terms of such goods.

Frequently asked questions


How much does it cost to import?

It is important to know the merchandise you want to import, which country it is from, its value, weight, volume and Incoterms in order to calculate the taxes for nationalization of goods and freight costs, among others.

Is it necessary to have a company to import?

You can import up to 2 times per year without a company.

What do I need to know when importing clothing and footwear?

Products that are not from Mercosur need permits at the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, and are subject to analysis at LATU.
Therefore, it is necessary to have a registered company in good legal standing with DGI, BPS, BSE, DINAMA for packaging issues, and registered at the Ministry of Industry for permits. The composition of the garments and footwear shall be declared at the time of import.

Can I import a vehicle or motorhome?

It is possible, as long as it is new. Import of used cars is not allowed, apart from the exceptions set forth in Law No. 17.887


We are specialized in land, sea, air and multimodal transport. We operate from our own offices in Argentina and Uruguay, and we are members of Freight Midpoint; a wide network of agents that operates in the world’s main cities and ports.

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Information for importers
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